About the film



An aspiring musician works on his musical composition, as his partner prepares to sell their family home.

Made for the 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne, 2018

Awards and Recognition

Audience Choice Award - 48 Hour Film Project, Melbourne 2018

Nominated for Best Original Score - 48 Hour Film Project, Melbourne 2018

Premiere Screening

Premiere Screening:

12th November 2018

Village Cinemas, Jam Factory

Cast and Crew


Annie Thorold as Joan Daly

Joshua Peter White as Peter Daly

Peter Roordink as Real Estate Agent

Aimee Sanderson as Joan's Friend

Maria Carvalho as Potential Buyer #1

Tristan Braines as Potential Buyer #2

Produced by: Tristan Braines, Taysha McFarland

Directed by:  Taysha McFarland

Written by: Taysha McFarland, Tristan Braines

Story by: Dorothy Yow, Jasmin Mattiaccio, Nicholson Ren, Taysha McFarland, Tristan Braines and Wayne Robinson

Assistant Director: Dorothy Yow

Director of Photography:  Nicholson Ren 

Assistant Camera: Sebastian Klarica

Gaffer: Ian Vandermey

Audio Technician: Chris Tuazon

Composer: Wayne Robinson

Sound Design: Wayne Robinson

Vocals: Joshua Peter White

Edited by: Jasmin Mattiaccio

Graded by: Nicholson Ren

Make Up and Hair: Tessa McHugh

Wardrobe: Dorothy Yow

Special Thanks

Frances Palu

Julie Tran