Actor Showreels

Professional Cinematic Reels

No more "floating head" showreels!

It's time to impress agents and casting directors with a professional, cinema grade demo reel.  

With over 20 years acting experience, you'll be guided and coached to deliver an authentic portrayal of your character in this "full set" experience.

The "full set" experience means you'll be filming your showreel scene as if you were on an actual film or TV set.  

This includes:

  • Having your makeup professionally done
  • Correct lighting of the scene
  • Sound crew, making sure your voice is clear and audible
  • Rehearsal time, blocking and direction
  • Filmed on location, not in a studio
  • Multiple angles, so you're not just a floating head!

All this edited, colour graded and digitally delivered to you with a fast turnaround time.  This means you'll be able to get your 1-3min showreel out to casting directors and agents as soon as possible!

What you'll need to do to prepare for your shoot day:

  • Find the right scene/monologue with a character you'd like to portray.  (We can help)
  • Find the right location that suits the scene.  (We can help)
  • Learn your script
  • Take time to develop your character
  • Be prepared on shoot day

Don't feel like you're alone on this, we're here to help you.  If you're having trouble with location or script scouting we have a few in mind which can definitely help you out!

Don't put your acting career on hold any longer, get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you get cast in your dream role!

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Whether you're a seasoned actor or new to the industry, don't underestimate the power of having a strong showreel.  This could be the make or break moment that defines whether or not you will be there standing in front of a casting director.

We will work with you to make sure that the scene/s that you have filmed, show your potential.  

Check out our Showreel Packages to find out which option will suit your needs.

Showreel Packages

Behind the scenes with us

Check out what it's like to work with us in this behind the scenes video for Victoria Reed and Peter Roordink's Showreel scene.  Watch the full scene.

Video by William Chan.


Can I write my own Script?

You most certainly can!  A couple of our actors have written their own scripts for characters they haven't played before or ones they would love to play.  

We also enjoy turning them into mini short films, so you'll get your edited showreel plus the full 2-3min scene.

Do I need to find another actor?

If you're having trouble finding an actor to play along side you in a scene, we can always help find the right actor for you from our database.  We are also happy to run casting calls for you too!

Another good way to find actors are asking fellow acting buddies you've done classes with or worked with in the past.

Can I watch past Showreels?

You sure can!  We will post up most of our showreel scenes onto our Youtube Page.  This means that there's more of a chance of a casting director finding you as your showreel will be exposed to our audiences too.

Watch Showreels

How much does it cost?

Follow the link bellow to view our packages.

Showreel Packages

Can I pay on a payment plan?

We're very flexible with payment arrangements and personalise our payment plans for each individual.  Send us a message now to start the discussion!

I already have footage, can you just edit it into a showreel?

Yes we can!  Check out our Editing page to find out more.

Showreel Editing


Fae O

Working with the Toprock Productions Team on my showreel was an unbelievably fun and relaxed experience!

Taysha and Tristan create a professional yet fun environment, where you have the freedom to play and create what you want while feeling supported. I love how I gave them ideas and they ran with them & found the perfect shooting locations, put in the time to help me choose scripts and talked through my characters with me. Also Nicholson is one of the most talented DOP’s I have ever had the pleasure of working with and he has an amazing eye for colour & composition, so you know the footage will be beautiful.

All in all, I don’t think there is a crew I trust or enjoy working with more and I can’t recommend them enough for showreel scenes. Also there’s free Krispy Kremes…doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks guys! 

Paulene G

I definitely recommend the incredible team from TopRock Productions to shoot a high quality and seriously professional showreel. Taysha is so lovely and responsive to deal with, organising everything was a breeze! She has so much professional advice in the preparation stages and does a phenomenal job directing and producing on set! The entire crew on set (Tristan, Nicholson, Sam, Xavier and Tessa) were just as amazing on both a professional and a personal level! Everyone was respectful, easy to work with, efficient, productive, dedicated, knowledgeable in their area of expertise, funny and comfortable to work with. 

Everyone worked so hard to keep things on schedule which I appreciated so much, the set was left absolutely spotless and having a MUA was a really nice touch! I am super impressed with the quality of the final product and I feel very confident in knowing that I am wholeheartedly putting my best foot forward when applying for roles with my new showreel! Thankyou so much to amazing team at TopRock Productions!

Ayesha G

Toprock provided a fun and professional environment for filming my showreel scenes, Taysha has a fantastic eye for detail and did everything possible to ensure we had a great shooting location, all props, and great scripts going into the shoot. The whole filming crew were professional and supportive and made shooting a breeze! Would definitely recommend toprock for showreel scenes to anyone looking. Thanks for a great day and awesome footage!

Georgia W

I was blown away by how cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic this production team is! I approached them to shoot at incredibly short notice and they took it on anyway - solving all of the issues I had and getting it back to me by the incredibly tight deadline. Taysha was such a fantastic producer, her advice and ideas were so helpful and her attention to detail meant I could relax and focus on the acting. I am so grateful for the fantastic work put in by her and by all the members of the team, thank you!

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