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Zarephath - Pre-Production

With only a handful of flour left, a widow has come to terms that there is only enough for one last meal for herself and her son, when an unexpected stranger comes along and asks for something to eat.

Based on the Old Testament Story, "The Widow of Zarephath", this film will be a creative interpretation told from the widow's perspective.  Whether you are familiar with this Bible story or not, this film will be a story of hope and an encouragement to all, to not give up.

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Casting Opportunities

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Bunker - Post Production

And that's a wrap!  We have successfully wrapped production of Bunker and are excited to move on to the post production phase.  

Thank you to all our amazing cast, crew, extra hands and generous donors who helped make this project happen.

Plot Summary:

Five women manage to escape the horrors of the rapture by hiding in a friend's underground bunker.  In the sanctity of the bunker, they must plan for their future, even if the world is indeed coming to an end.

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