With only a handful of flour left, a widow has come to terms that there is only enough for one last meal for herself and her son, when an unexpected stranger comes along and challenges her faith.

Dumb Ways to die


Audience Choice Award Winner and Best Film Nominee at the 48 Hour Film Project 2019.

A justice seeking vigilante goes to extreme lengths to educate a family on the importance of honesty.

Starring Sarah Baker, Wahyu Kapa, Felise Morales, Isaac Grounds, Rachel Soding and Peter Roordink

A Song for You

A Song for You Short Film Winner for 48 Hour Film Project Melbourne

Audience Choice Award Winner and Nominated for best Original Score in the 48 Hour Film Project 2018

An aspiring musician works on his musical composition, as his partner prepares to sell their family home.

Starring Annie Thorold and Joshua Peter White.

Premiere screening at Village Cinemas, Jam Factory, 12th November



Five women manage to escape the horrors of the rapture by hiding in a friend's underground bunker.  In the sanctity of the bunker, they must plan for their future, even if the world is indeed coming to an end.

Directed:  Taysha McFarland

Cinematography:  Nicholson Ren

Starring:  Kate Ball, Tristan Braines, Siobhan Connors, Fae O'Toole and Rachel Soding

Hudson and Grantley


Two spirited Mormons aim to convert a lonely old lady, who has other plans in mind. 

Made for My Rode Reel 2019.

If Only

If Only award winning short film screen grab.

Awarded Best Mental Health Film in Screen It! Film Festival 2018

If Only is a short commercial-styled drama. It follows 4 characters as they make life changing decisions to hang onto life and hope for a better future. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call Lifeline right away on 13 11 14.  (If in Australia).

Directors:  Taysha McFarland & Tristan Braines 

DOP & Colourist:  Nicholson Ren 

Starring:  Carey Carter, Nigel Huckle, Laura McMahon and Peter Spowart



It's 2028 and the over sensitivity of the population has caused comedy to become illegal.  An 8-year old boy rediscovers jokes and tries to find a place to belong.

Shop Your Values


Winner of the 2017 Whitehorse City Fair Trade Fashion Short Film Competition.

Do you make purchases based on cost and convenience, or do you shop your values?  If you're against child labour, sweatshops and slave labour, then it's time to stop putting your money in places that support these things.  It's time to shop your values.