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With only a handful of flour left, a widow has come to terms that there is only enough for one last meal for herself and her son, when an unexpected stranger comes along and challenges her beliefs.

Based on the Old Testament Story, "The Widow of Zarephath", this film will be a creative adaptation told from the widow's perspective.  Whether you are familiar with this Bible story or not, this film will be a story of hope and an encouragement to all, to not give up.

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Special Thanks

Cindy Pritchard, Carmela DArmore, Antonella Celi, Michael Hutton, Paulene Gibson, Mayling Lok, Mary Thomas, Leilani McFarland, Esther Wong, Demi Allan, Serena O'Brien, Lisa Brains, Mark Davenport, Caylee Rankin, Craig Quilliam, Sharee Cawley and Fae O'Toole