Our Story


Every story has a beginning and just like the story itself, each beginning is unique 

and has it's own style.

And that's what the toprock is.  The toprock is a break dance move which is used by dancers as an opening display to their performance.  It's performed on their feet as they use it to go into bigger and better moves and is tailored to reflect the individuality of each dancer.

Just like the move, the filmmakers at Toprock Productions are always on their feet prepared for the next steps, challenge each other and to continue making great quality video content that will leave a lasting impact.

Toprock Productions was founded in 2017 by Taysha McFarland.  Her aim was to simply bring more family friendly content to a global audience.  Shortly after the birth of Toprock, their films began to draw great attention, winning awards for best film and audience choice awards.

Toprock Productions also represents a personal journey to not hold back, but to just do it, just start your story.  So whether you're looking to tell your story, your brand's story or a story about your music, let us take you on that journey, displaying a style that is uniquely you.

Speed Reel 2018

What we do

We specialise in creative story telling and can provide a vast array of film services, some of which include:

Short and Feature Film Production

Online Promotional Videos

Corporate Training and Instructional Videos

Web-series and Teleplays

Music Videos

Actor showreels

Scriptwriting and Proofreading

We believe that we are only limited by our imaginations, so if what you're after isn't listed above, don't worry!  Please contact us as we would love to see how we can help realise your vision.

Ready to Start?

Your first step is to send us a message about your project. 

We are more than happy to provide you with a free quote and will also gear you up for your next steps. 

We do book up, so contact us soon so we can start the pre-production stages and help you get on the timeline you need.