Hudson and Grantley

About the Film



Two spirited Mormons aim to convert a lonely old lady, who has other plans in mind. 


Lachlan Cassidy as Hudson

Jayden Denke as Grantley

Cindy Pritchard as Mrs Moroney


Produced by: Taysha McFarland, Tristan Braines, Nicholson Ren

Written and Directed: Taysha McFarland

Director of Photography: Nicholson Ren

Assistant Director: Tristan Braines

Sound Design: Chris Tuazon

Behind the Scenes: William Chan

Production Assistant: Stephanie Cester

Costume: Cheryl King

Makeup and Hair: Eliza Zagato

Edited: Taysha McFarland

Special Thanks

Chester family, Pizza Strada Bar, Li and Lin

Behind the Scenes