If Only

About the film

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If Only is a short commercial-styled drama. It follows 4 characters as they make life changing decisions to hang onto life and hope for a better future. 

Film's Purpose

"If only I knew".  "If only I could've stopped her".  "If only she told me."  These are some of the words you hear after the devastating loss of a life through suicide.  It's not an easy thing to talk about, but it is something that needs to be talked about.

"If Only" is our way to encourage people to start conversations with each other, reach out and seek help.  The aim of this film is to make sure that no more lives are lost to suicide. The more people who get to see it, means the more likely it is that the one person who really needs  to watch it gets to watch it in time. 

So please help us to share this film with your loved ones, because one small click of a button could help start a conversation with your family and friends to make sure no one has to say "if only I could still say "I love you"."

Awards and Recognition

Screen It! Film Festival, QLD - Best Film (Mental Health Film Category)

Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Lisbon - Semi-Finalist

Cast and Crew


Carey Carter as Nev

Nigel Huckle as David

Laura McMahon as Elyesse

Peter Spowart as Hamish

Supporting Roles:

Paulene Gibson as Nev's Wife

Letti McFarland as Nev's Daughter

Mark Crowe as David's Dad

Danielle Connolly as David's Mum

Alex Woollatt as Young Hamish

Emily Jackson as Hamish's Wife

Bit Roles:

Monika Thomas as the Counselor

Akal Demir as the Pastor

Michelle Brett as Adult Nev's Daughter

Elyesse's Friends: Nes Oz, Neelam Choudhary, Matthew Borg

Students: Rose Nguyen, Liam Hudson, Katelyn Morris

Wedding Guests: Shea Connell, Claudine Dearn, Marigold Gilbert, Marjan Maleki, Andrew Peter, Arun Bharatula, Claudia Xantidis, Jarryd Dean

Directors:  Taysha McFarland and Tristan Braines 

DOP & Colourist:  Nicholson Ren 

Camera Assist: Vee Shi

Make Up and Hair: Luisa Molina

Sound Design: Xavier Beckitt

Editor: Tristan Braines

Producers: Taysha McFarland and Tristan Braines

Special Thanks

Cath and Darryl Snibson and Family

Jorrel and Manami Paleracio

Mei Leng and Peter Haberle

Maeve Johnson

Joan Rankin

Seonaidh McFhraing

Nicole Ren

St Paul's Anglican Church


If you or someone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts, please call your local Lifeline Support immediately.  In Australia please contact: 13 11 14