About the Film



It's 2028 and the over sensitivity of the population has caused comedy to become illegal.  An 8-year old boy rediscovers jokes and tries to find a place to belong.


Made for Tropfest 27


Luke – Harley McNaughton

Shady Buyer – Carey Carter

Shady Dealer – Paulene Gibson

Crazy Wheelchair Man – John “Malakai” Ndorosey

Bon Bon Dealer – Joshua Peter White

Stand Up Comedian – Michaela Celeste

Door Keeper – Peter Roordink

Shelby – James Ao

Phone Operator – Shaan Reis

Mum – Taysha McFarland

News Reporter – Tristan Braines

By Stander – Nikesh Nanoo

Police #1 – Laurinda Osbourne

Police #2 – Michael Tabone

Waitress #1 – Victoria Reed

Waitress #2 – Kate Ryan

Undercover Clown – Ian Vandermey

Comedy Club Extras – Monika Thomas, Michael Tabone


Produced by: Taysha McFarland, Tristan Braines, Nicholson Ren

Written and Directed: Taysha McFarland

Director of Photography: Nicholson Ren

Assistant Director: Tristan Braines

Assistant Camera: Alex Ibarra

Gaffer: Ian Vandermey

Sound Design: Chris Tuazon

Original Score: Chris Tuazon

Edited: Jasmin Mattiaccio

Costume and Set Design: Catherine Clancy

Makeup Artist: Tessa McHugh

Brought to you by Toprock Productions in association with VDM Productions

Special Thanks

Frances Palu, Julie Thu, Victoria Police,