About the Film

Bunker Movie Poster


Five women manage to escape the horrors of the rapture by hiding in a friend's underground bunker.  In the sanctity of the bunker, they must plan for their future, even if the world is indeed coming to an end.

The Idea

Inspired by the play "Chamber Music" by Arthur Kopit and François Ozon's film "8 Femmes".

Cast and Crew


Kate Ball as Chatrice

Tristan Braines as Lenny

Siobhan Connors as Pepita

Fae O'Toole as Carmen

Rachel Soding as Mabel

Produced: Taysha McFarland and Tristan Braines

Directed by: Taysha McFarland

Assistant Director:  Scott Membry

DOP & Colourist: Nicholson Ren

Assistant Camera: Samuel Vella

Gaffer: Ian Vanermey

Sound Recordist: Z Munro

Set Design: Catherine Hemphil

Costume Design: Catherine Hemphil

MUA: Pari Kaur, Tessa McHugh, Alysha Heather